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Previous NOCIRC of Michigan Informant Newsletters

Winter 2016

The CDC Botches Circumcision

Winter 2014

Can Americans Be Rational about Circumcision?

Spring 2013

Pediatricians Plea to Protect Payments for Circumcision

April 2009

Saying No to Circumcision

Provacative Comparisions: Male and Female Mutilation

March 2008

Spreading AIDS by Circumcision: How the United Nations Failed Africa and the World

Ask Doctor Foreskin

January 2007

Could Circumcision Really Prevent AIDS?

The Intactivist's Pledge

March 2006

A First-Year Doc Says No to Circumcision            

La Leche League Says No to NOCIRC - Moms and Babies Suffer as a Result

Do You Want to Change the World?

September 2005

Answers to Your Questions about Religious Circumcision

Saving Taxpayer Money on Medicaid Funding for Infant Circumcisions

December 2004

"Who Owns My Son?  Is He My Property?"

Help Dads Protect Their Sons:  Buy Them Matching Underwear

"Hey Dad, Whatever Happened to My Foreskin"

Ask the Foreskin Farmers of America

June 2004

Is Circumcision Ethical? A Winning Entry in the 2004 NOCIRC Essay Contest

Intact from Iraq - Circumcised in America

Foreskin Restoration Support Group in Ann Arbor

December 2003

The Case Against Religious Circumcision, Part Two: A Change in Practice

An Open Letter: Suffering at the Breast is Not Best - La Leche League Censors While Mothers and Sons Suffer

June 2003

The Case Against Religious Circumcision, Part One: Freedom of Religion?

Action Alert: How Would You Like to Prevent 11,000 Circumcisions? Get the State of Michigan Out of the Free Circumcision Business

Local Mohel Convicted

December 2002

Preserve Genital Integrity by Preserving the Integrity of Birth

Local Mohel Arrested Enroute to Bris

9 Out of 10 Parents are Not Given Informed Consent When Circumcising Their Son

Common Mistakes Parents Make When Circumcising

Write to Michigan's New First Mom to End Medicaid Funding for Unnecessary Circumcision

July 2002

Circumcision and Cancer

First Person: My Passion for the Truth

Web Watch:

February 2002

The Role of Childbirth Educators

Female Genital Cutting

Action Alert: Cut Circumcision Funding

September 2002

Nowhere Else in Medicine

Action Alert: House Bill 4006

Success Stories from Ann Arbor

May 2001

Michigan House Bill 4006

Action Alert: Michigan's Babies

Letter to Expectant Mothers

December 2000

What Every Mother Must Know

Resisting Pressure to Circumcise

July 2000

Preventing Infant Circumcision

A Jewish Mother's Awakening

Waste in Michigan's Medicaid

The Restore Yourself! Kit

March 2000

Mis-Informed Consent

Foreskin Card

The Restore Yourself! Kit

September 1999

Restore Yourself! at

To Cut or Not to Cut?

Foreskin-Friendly Project

Fighting For Freedom

Motor City Cycles

April 1999

Circumcision Loses Support

Where is My Foreskin?

Restore Yourself!

December 1999

Ignorance Injures Baby Boys

FREE Happy Boy Coupon!

Evidence-Based Ignorance

July 1999

American Social Ritual

Dr.  Ronald Goldman

Another Happy Boy

January 1998

Doctor, It’s All in Your Head!

Coercion, Not Covenant

A Nursery Tale

September 1997

Managed Pain

How to Support House Bill 4707

Lessons in Pain

If Only Our Parents Knew!

May 1997

Ten Facts Parents Must Know

Why I Am Restoring

Happily Intact Boys

January 1997

My Second Circumcision

The Birth of a Movement

September 1996

Whose Body, Whose Rights?

Mothers Against Circumcision

It’s A Boy!

June 1996

Men Find Their Circumcision Scars

The Internet Ends Ignorance

Speaking with Parents

March 1996

Circumcision Is On Its Way Out in Michigan

First Person:  The Second Time Around

Strategy and Tactics

Edward Wallerstein

Preventing Circumcision for the Well-Being of All
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