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Circumcision strips away and amputates specialized skin and mucous
membrane that in the adult male would be a sleeve of flesh over 3
inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter. The surface area of the
adult foreskin is greater than a 3-inch by 5-inch index card. The
flesh of the foreskin is over 1/3 of the skin of the penis.

The male foreskin is highly specialized tissue, richly supplied with
blood vessels and 20,000 fine-touch nerve endings. These nerve
endings contribute significantly to the sexual enjoyment of the
intact (uncircumcised) man.

The foreskin preserves the sensitivity of the penis by keeping it
covered. The foreskin smoothly glides over the shaft of the penis
with its own natural lubricant. During intercourse, a man's foreskin
moves back and forth over the mucous membranes of his partner,
reducing friction and providing smoother sexual stimulation for both.

Many men resent that their organ of sexual pleasure was altered
without their consent.  Some have chosen  to grow a new foreskin
using the process of foreskin restoration and achieve  some of the
benefits of the original.

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