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Help Us Tell the Truth about Circumcision

NOCIRC of Michigan is a nonprofit, consumer rights advocacy group that educates people about circumcision and about the benefits of intact genitals. We protect consumers from fraudulent medical claims. We actively promote the benefits of normal genitals and foreskin restoration.

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Your support today will ensure that more parents have the facts about circumcision and the benefits of intact genitals before they make the “circumcision decision”.

Your support today will help us to defray the cost of exhibitor fees for the 20 Michigan conferences and events we’ll be at this year and for the free educational pamphlets that we hand out.

Your support today will inform more healthcare providers about the proper care of intact genitals.

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NOCIRC of Michigan staffs information tables at over 20 events every year throughout Michigan. Since 1994 NOCIRC of Michigan has provided accurate, up-to-date information on circumcision, intact care, and foreskin restoration. Each year, we distribute hundreds of pamphlets to parents and care providers at public and professional conferences, events and fairs throughout Michigan.

Free pamphlets and newsletters are available in bulk to providers in Michigan wishing to distribute them to parents and to other care providers. Click here to order.

Preventing Circumcision for the Well-Being of All
NOCIRC of Michigan

NOCIRC of Michigan

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Norm Cohen, Director

Help Us Tell the Truth
About Circumcision

We are not affiliated with the California corporation formerly named "National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers" (NOCIRC).