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NOCIRC of Michigan Policy Statement

1.  Circumcision is the destruction of normal, healthy, functional, and sexual tissue.

2.  Hygiene or disease prevention is not a legitimate reason or justification for circumcision.

3.  Religious belief, tradition, or cultural norm is not a defense against violating the body of another person.

4.  Circumcision causes permanent disfigurement, desensitization, and dysfunction in a sexual organ.

5.  Routine infant circumcision is forced circumcision on healthy children that is both physically and psychologically traumatizing. 

6.  Removing parts of a child’s genitals in the absence of disease, deformity, or injury is a violation of his most basic right to the security of his body.

7.  A person or an organization cannot defend, justify, solicit, recommend, promote, perform, or assist the circumcision of children without conspiring, threatening and denying them the right to bodily security and integrity.

8.  Mothers and fathers must learn that the circumcision of their child:

a.  is not a legitimate means of disease prevention

b.  is not a guarantee against any disease in their own child

c.  always results in a loss of function

d.  is a deprivation of their child’s right to the security of body, which their child may grow to resent.

9.  Healthcare providers, or those who otherwise care for or educate expectant mothers and fathers, and all those who are concerned about the welfare of children, have a moral obligation to:

a.  Inform parents about the facts above.

b.  Explain these facts in the context of all other practices, policies, and laws concerning the welfare of children.

c.  Provide parents with educational resources, support, and counseling to guide them into making the informed, uncoerced choice to protect their children from harm.

d.  Refuse to perform, assist, advise, refer or promote the circumcision of children.

e.  Inform parents about the proper care of the intact penis.

f.  Recommend that the proper treatment of any known, legitimate, and independently verified disease related to a child’s sexual organs must always be done using the most conservative and non-destructive means possible.

g.  Correct inaccurate, fraudulent, or misleading statements made in defense of circumcision.

h.  Refuse to engage in the trafficking, harvesting, or use of infant foreskins for research, manufacturing, transplantation, or cosmetics.

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